Honest. Simple. Fresh.

The power of a family business.

G. Koffeman has been a family business for over forty years of which we are proud. We work with short lines and therefore a fast service. Personal contact with our customers is an important aspect in our conduct of business. G. Koffeman processes, packages and distributes its fish products to: Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Switzerland, Israel, Poland, Spain and Italy. G. Koffeman purchases the fresh fish directly at all North-European auctions, and also imports from the USA, Indonesia and Vietnam.

One stop shop for all your fish products!

Flexibility is our forte. We have a wide-ranging service, from mixed pallets to full loads. With a selection of over more than 100 products we are a ‘one stop shop’ when it comes to fish of the best quality. Complex orders with different types of fish are not a problem for us. Our client base mirrors our versatility from wholesale to catering and from retail to supermarkets.

Satisfied customers

Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied, each and every day. We look into new possibilities in the sector and are innovative so we can guarantee a speedy delivery and direct accessibility, for now and in the future.

Quality enjoys the highest priority at G. Koffeman. We have the following certificates:

ISO 22000 - Vishandel G. Koffeman B.V.

ISO 22000

G. Koffeman has the ISO 22000-certification. This international standard is applied to all companies in the food industry. By means of this certification we show that food safety has a high priority in our conduct of business.

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MSC Label - Vishandel G. Koffeman B.V.


The MSC-label rewards and acknowledges sustainable fishery. Sustainable fishery causes the least amount of damage to sea life. In addition to this we work with the set procedures, guidelines and norms of this label.

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